Tratamiento de la uveítis con Fármacos anti-TNF-alfa Books

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Diagnosis Treatment of Uveitis

Diagnosis   Treatment of Uveitis
  • Author : C Stephen Foster
  • Publisher : JP Medical Ltd
  • Release : 2013-03-30
  • ISBN : 9789350255728
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Uveitis is inflammation of the middle layer of the eye, which is known as the uvea or uveal tract. It is a complex condition with a variety of causes and clinical manifestations, including injury, infection or an underlying condition. This 1200pp second edition brings ophthalmologists fully up to date with the latest developments in diagnosing and treating uveitis. Beginning with the basic principles of the disease, its diagnosis and management, the following sections discuss the treatment of numerous different infectious, non infectious, masquerade and autoimmune syndromes. Basic science, differential diagnosis, pathology and clinical management are discussed for each condition. Written by specialists from the Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institution (MERSI) and John A Moran Eye Center in the USA, this comprehensive new edition includes 699 colour images and illustrations. Key points Comprehensive, second edition bringing ophthalmologists fully up to date with diagnosis and treatment of uveitis Discusses different uveitis syndromes – infectious, non infectious, masquerade and autoimmune Authored by US ophthalmic specialists Includes 699 full colour images and illustrations First edition published in 2001 by Saunders

Treatment of Non infectious Uveitis

Treatment of Non infectious Uveitis
  • Author : Phoebe Lin
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • Release : 2019-09-12
  • ISBN : 9783030228279
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

This unique, comprehensive book provides a much-needed reference on the treatment and management of non-infectious uveitis. Carefully designed, Treatment of Non-infectious Uveitis is the first book of its kind to provide an in-depth, clinically-relevant, expert-driven resource for ophthalmologists focusing on modalities of uveitis treatment, their mechanism of action, dosing, and side effects. Each chapter provides an introduction, mechanism of action, indication, dosage, side effects, and efficacy summaries from clinical trials and other published literature. Topics range from topical treatment, to locally administered therapy including drug-releasing implants, to systemic immunosuppressive treatments both tried and new, as well as surgical management, with each chapter highlighting important practice pearls as well as easy-reference dosing tables, side effects, and lab monitoring pertinent to the agents discussed. The book concludes with a discussion of novel approaches to the treatment of non-infectious uveitis, and special considerations when treating uveitis in the pediatric patient. The majority of patients with non-infectious uveitis are treated by comprehensive ophthalmologists, many of whom are less familiar with established treatment guidelines outlining the role of corticosteroids and immunomodulatory therapy. While the non-specialist, resident, or fellow is sure to benefit from this one-stop guide to uveitis treatment, retina and uveitis specialists alike will also appreciate the practice tips and thorough coverage of this expertly-written reference. Treatment of Non-infectious Uveitis is the ideal reference for all ophthalmologists who seek to improve their understanding of the causes of uveitis and learn how to best treat this condition.

Inmunoterapia de Enfermedades de Base Inmunol gica

Inmunoterapia de Enfermedades de Base Inmunol  gica
  • Author : Javier Carbone Campoverde
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Release : 2017-09-25
  • ISBN : 9788491133186
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

El objetivo de esta serie de monografías, avalada por la Sociedad Española de Inmunología (SEI), es presentar diversos temas vinculados a la inmunología clínica con un enfoque multidisciplinar que permita su utilización por parte de diversos especialistas clínicos. Se trata, por tanto, de una serie que no solamente va dirigida a inmunólogos, sino a todos aquellos especialistas involucrados en algunos de los procesos en los que participe el sistema inmunológico. El lector encontrará en este volumen información altamente especializada sobre inmunoterapia que le será de gran utilidad tanto en la práctica clínica como para el diseño y evaluación de nuevas estrategias terapéuticas de las patologías de base inmunológica. El objetivo es ofrecer al lector un libro práctico, muy estructurado y enfocado a la resolución de problemas clínicos actuales. Esta obra va dirigida a especialistas de muy diversa índole entre los que se encuentran nefrólogos, urólogos, cirujanos, cardiólogos, oncólogos, alergólogos, gastroenterólogos, internistas, hematólogos, reumatólogos, pediatras, neumólogos, médicos de familia, etc. Monografía avalada por la SEI que incluye los últimos avances publicados sobre inmunoterapia y su aplicación en el tratamiento de importantes patologías. Temas de máxima actualidad con un capítulo sobre microbiota -dado el creciente interés en este tema-, y su posible modulación con la aplicación de la inmunoterapia. La gran diversidad de enfermedades tratadas hace que esta monografía sea una obra de consulta útil para médicos de distintas especialidades que estudian y tratan patologías de base inmunológica, así como para residentes e incluso para estudiantes de medicina. El contenido se plantea en un formato práctico, muy estructurado y dirigido a convertirse en una herramienta para la resolución de problemas clínicos actuales.

Paediatric Rheumatology

Paediatric Rheumatology
  • Author : Helen E. Foster
  • Publisher : OUP Oxford
  • Release : 2012-06-14
  • ISBN : 9780191645334
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Paediatric Rheumatology is an indispensible resource for the identification and management of specific rheumatological disorders. As well as covering common and rare rheumatological problems, there are also chapters on investigations and emergencies, designed for quick reference. The handbook includes dedicated topics on systemic diseases affecting rheumatology; the relevant clinical guidelines and information needed for a rheumatologist to successfully management a young patient; and, a coloured section for guidance on rash-related investigations. Paediatric Rheumatology is also fully endorsed by the British Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology and the UK Paediatric Rheumatology Clinical Studies Group.

Mild to Moderate Psoriasis Third Edition

Mild to Moderate Psoriasis  Third Edition
  • Author : John Y. M. Koo
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release : 2014-03-18
  • ISBN : 9781482215090
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Using a practical and problem-focused approach, this updated, full-color Third Edition of Mild-to-Moderate Psoriasis equips dermatologists, internists, family practitioners, and residents with a state-of-the-art guide to the clinical management of mild-to-moderate psoriasis.Written by an international team of key opinion leaders, this resource explores new developments in treatments for the condition and provides clinicians with up-to-date strategies for optimal patient management.